Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wedding Tears

Our girls love their Timmy! He has always been a part of the family and even lovingly referred to as Uncle Timmy. When they were younger, Mady and Abby would fight over him, each claiming that he was theirs and not the other ones. Timmy spent a lot of time with our girls and he was even one of Abby's special pallbearers. Well, Timmy got married this weekend and of course we are all so happy for him. But I also had tears. Weddings are just tough. Especially father-daughter dances knowing we won't get to have that with our Abrielle. It's also hard for me to watch Marc dancing with his other two girls when there should be three there fighting for their turn. Elly reminded me so much of Abby that night at the dance too. She was out on the dance floor all night long ~ clear up until the last song. It brought back so many memories of our little Abby dancing the night away.

Here's Elly with her Timmy~

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  1. Precious Pictures! They keep the memories alive forever! You have a beautiful family and your little angel above sure looks the angel you have up above!