Friday, November 20, 2009

JackJack Part 2

4:30 pm ~ Marc and Elly pick JackJack up from the vet. He must be coming around because he is not too happy to be in the carrier. At home he, is very happy to be there and is super lovely.

7 pm ~ I call home again to check on JackJack. He is curled up with Marc and Elly and even enjoying Elly's loves. He is still having some tremors or muscle spasms.

8:30 pm ~ I arrive home to find JackJack stretched out in a chair upstairs. He is still pretty dopey but I can tell he is glad to see me finally. He meows a real funny meow and doesn't sound like himself.

9 pm ~ I scoop JackJack up out of the chair and he is limp as I carry him downstairs to snuggle with me. Normally JackJack does not like to be carried at all, but he did not resist. Insteaed he just cries a funny meow. Downstairs he stretches out next to me on the loveseat and sleeps as long as I have a hand on him. When I remove my hand, he wakes up. He continues having tremors throughout his back. There are moments he acts goofy and I am hoping it is still just the medications in his system and not permanent damage.

10:30 pm ~ I decide to leave JackJack sleeping on the couch and go up to bed. He wakes up and decides he wants to go to bed with me. He falls off the couch and staggers crookedly towards me and the stairs. He stands in front of me, meowing and looking at me. I scoop him up and carry him up to bed to sleep at my feet.

5:30 am ~ JackJack jumps off the bed and I hear him jingle his way downstairs. This gives me hope that he is coming around.

6:30 am ~ JackJack is waiting on the bathtub for me to get out of the shower like usual. I am thrilled to see him up there, knowing this must mean he is feeling better. I pet him and he looses his balance, falling in the tub. He has difficulty with the motor skills in his back legs and I see spasms down his back. His meow is back to the normal JackJack sound.

Just wanted to update everyone on the health of our JackJack following the seizures yesterday. We are hoping that by Sunday or Monday all the medication will have worked its way out of his system and we will know if there is any permanent damage.

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