Friday, November 20, 2009

The JackJack Saga Continues ~

Wednesday night

9 pm ~ While petting JackJack on my lap, I notice a flea under his chin. His escapades outdoors must have taken him to some places he should not have been.

10 pm ~ Marc applies flea medicine to the back of JackJack's neck. As I head upstairs to read in bed.

I noticed at some point in the night that there was no kitty curled up at my feet, but just thought he was downstairs sleeping with Marc since he fell asleep on the couch.

Thursday morning

6 am ~ The alarm goes off and I hit snooze, probably more than once. Strange, no cat in my face wanting me to get up.

6:30 am ~ Finally decide I HAVE to get out of bed. Head to the shower, but no kitty following. Upon exiting the shower, still no JackJack waiting to give me my morning kisses. I begin to think he escaped again. I call to him. I hear a jingle. Yea! JackJack is under the bed and comes to greet me, barely able to walk. His eyes are fluttering, his whole body twitching and he barely meows a greeting. I grab him and try to console him, not knowing what's happening. We probably moved the fastest getting ready than we have in a long time.

7:15 am ~ JackJack is loaded into the carrier and into my car in the backseat with the girls, still shaking, and we head into town. Mady and Elly talk to him the whole way in to try and keep him calm. He has started shaking bad enough the whole carrier shakes.

7:45 am ~ After dropping off both girls, I arrive at the vet. I open the door to get JackJack out and he begins having a full seizure. Tears flow as I take him into the office. They take JackJack from me and I tell them that we gave him flea medication last night and when we woke up he was having tremors. They decide he is having an allergic reaction to the medication that is causing him to have seizures. They tell me he will be given a bath to wash the rest of the stuff off of him, started on some meds to stop the seizures, and given IV fluids. I am told it will take some time before we know if he will come out of it. I leave the vet's office in tears, not knowing what the outcome will be.

9:45 am ~ I receive a phone call from the vet. They say he is doing better - no big seizures, but still having tremors. He has been bathed, on Valium, and is hooked up to IVs still. They said it is a waiting game now to see what the effects are. Still unsure if he will have to stay overnight. Might take up to 3 days before the effects are known.

1:00 pm ~ I am still a nervous wreck. I decide to take a trip down to the vet's office to check on JackJack. I am told he is doing so much better and only having tremors in his ears. I am taken back to see him. He is off the IVs, but still dopey. His ears are still shaking, but that is it. He knows me and is happy to see me. I am able to give him love and feel so much better after seeing him. He will be able to go home tonight. I am told to keep him in the house for a couple of days to keep a closer eye on him. No escape acts for JackJack.

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