Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Angel in the Sky

Standing out against the crisp blue;
This Angel in the morning sky.
Face so beautifully soft and radiant;
Not a trace of pain.
Only peace and love showing through.
Wings outstretched; inviting.
Eager to embrace.

This Angel in the sky; free.
Frolicking happily amongst wispy clouds and rainbows.
Reuniting with family and friends of days gone by,
Along the way.

This Angel in the sky;
Forever guiding our footprints;
Forever holding our hands;
Forever brushing away the tears of sadness from our eyes,
And kissing our lips with love.

This Angel in the sky;
Forever having a sacred place of honor;
In the hearts and minds of those who love them, on earth.

This Angel in the sky, forever a blessing.
Never to be forgotten.

~Joy Mixon

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