Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Girls' Art

We are able to take the girls with us to our CMH support group meetings and they really enjoy their time there too. They do not realize they are doing play therapy most of the time. At the meeting on Saturday morning, they painted flower pots and planted symbolic forget-me-nots.

They also made boxes to store special items in.

Some of the information we were given on Saturday was about sibling grief. There were some things listed that I had not given much thought to, but make so much sense now. It even says that sometimes people forget the importance of siblings in our lives. Here are some of the characteristics of our sibling bond and why losing them is hard.

~ It's the longest relationship we'll have in our lives. Siblings are typically only a few years apart in age, meaning we know them longer than our parents, spouses, and children.

~We witness more life events and life changes with our siblings than anyone else.

~They teach us how to function in society and communicate with others.

~ We share a sense of family, belonging and culture.

~ The time spent together in our early years is greater than with our parents.

Unfortunately, feelings of sadness were stirred up in Mady that day and she was quiet and reserved on the way home. She also found one of Abby's toys and clung to it that afternoon at home. They little bunny also slept with her that night.

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