Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another School Year Begins

The days leading up to the first day back have been just as I feared ~ no different than last year. For some reason I was really hoping that I could make it without any tears. But no such luck again. We made it to the supply drop off/meet the teacher night early to avoid all that we could in hopes of sparing some emotions. I was proud of myself at the school for keeping my mask in place and made it most of the way home before the tears started to flow.
The first day was the day it all really hit me. With tears in my eyes, I took Mady for the first day of fourth grade. It was so difficult to see all the parents walking the younger kids into school, excited to start the school year. I wish I had my little girl to walk in to the first grade. I wish I had that little girl for Mady to escort in and show the way to. I felt like Abby was sharing tears with me this morning as the rain started on our way in to the school. I know she would have loved to be a first grader.

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