Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eleven Years

After we lost Abby, we were told a scary statistic about how many parents end up divorced after the death of a child. I can't tell you now exactly what the percentage was, but it was a large number. Then later we were told the number maybe only raises slightly higher than the average divorce rate. Which one is correct, I'm not real sure, but we hope to beat the odds as we marked our eleventh year of marriage over the weekend. It might seem a strange way to celebrate, but we did so as a family minus one, doing family things.


  1. happy anniversary~!! your friend, Darla

  2. Congrats on 11 years of marriage. I know you two will have many many more happy years together. Always know that you have friends who are there for you all and we are just a phone call, and a couple of miles away day or night! Love you guys...Nette