Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Missing My Little Girl

I so love seeing Abby's friends, but at the same time, my heart breaks knowing this is how big my little girl should be. This is where my Abby should have been on Saturday night. She should have been in the sand between her Sissy and her preschool friend Leanna. They should have been building the sand castle together.
As the start of school draws closer, my grief seems to become greater. It's something as simple as the school supply list or the ads on tv that make my heart heavy. I was hoping that the start of this year would be easier than last, and maybe it will, but right now my thoughts are consumed by the fact that we are missing a first grader in our household this year. What kind of backpack would she want for school this year? Who would she have for a teacher? Who would her classmates be? The list and the heartache go on.

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