Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Butterfly Came Flitting...

A Butterfly Came Flitting...
A butterfly came flitting
Across my window pane
As if to bring a greeting
And sing to me your name
The spirit of your essence
Comes wafting back to me
Each time I see the flutter
Of butterflies in spring
They rise and fall around me
Adrift upon a breeze
Then off to do their calling
Among the cherry trees
Yet, I see your gentle smile
Each time that one draws near
And it fills my heart with longing
As I brush away a tear
For they bring such precious memories
Of a heart so kind and true
And of all the love I’m missing
That was shared between me and you
And they sing to me in motion
As they waltz across the sky
I can almost hear your laughter
Floating like a lullaby
In swirls of blue and green
I see your shining eyes
As they flutter all about me
Then flit into the skies
On painted wings of gold
To brighten up my day
They touch me with your spirit
And then they drift away
I know that you still love me
When I look into the skies
And there I see aflutter’
A dancing butterfly…
Copyright © 2007 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved
Leria Hawkins

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