Friday, January 23, 2009

A Collection Donated

WOW!! Talk about a HUGE donation! Linda Smith brought us part of her beanie baby collection (she kept her bears). These amounted to over 150 beanies! We can use these because they have not been played with. They have been kept in curio cabinets and in tubs. Thanks Linda for the wonderful donation.

Do you have a collection living in a rubbermaid that you have outgrown? If so, we would love to have it if you're ready to part with it. In fact, this is how the Foundation got off the ground. My sister Becci donated her beanie baby collection of over 300 stuffed animals when we were in the start up stages of the Foundation. At the time, we had not told the public of our plans for the Abby's Hugs program and I was buying animals at Kohls when they were marked down and some other relatives and friends were bargain hunting too. It was after we had over 500 stuffed animals accumulated that we made our first donation, so you can see how important Becci's donation was.
Did you remember we're bagging tomorrow night? See you at 7.

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