Thursday, January 8, 2009

Official Notice

It's official! We received the actual letter in the mail stating that Ryan Sundermann is scheduled for release on June 11, 2012. It does continue by saying "Please note that if the offender is scheduled to participate in the Community Release Program, Electronic Monitoring Program, Long-Term Drug Program or a Residential Treatment Program, they could be released in advance of the scheduled release date. Upon release, the remainder of the offender's sentence will be served under parole supervision. You will be notified if the offender's release date is advanced or if the offender is revoked and returned to a correctional facility." As far as we know, he is not scheduled for any of the release programs and should remain in the facility the whole time. I know we already informed everyone that his parole was denied, but the notice from that state makes it official instead of just a phone call. Speaking of that phone call, I didn't tell everyone how that went. It is an automated call with kind of fill in the blank talking. It started off by saying that the phone call was to update us on the status of offender Ryan Sundermann. It then said ...Ryan Sundermann ... is scheduled for ...release... on ...June 11, 2012. My heart was racing as I was waiting for the release date to be said and it seemed like the pause was even longer than the fill ins before it. But once I heard the date, there were just happy tears. I am working on a public thank you to put in the paper and will post it when I get it done.

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