Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Scrapbook Page

Sharing another layout from my In Loving Memory album.
"Our Princess"

The first page is very simple. It simply contains the funeral flyer, stapled to the page so all sides can still be read and some journaling about the flowers.
For those of you that did not attend the service of our Abrielle, the inside page contains the poem written by Virginia (Mom Neff) titled "Where's Abrielle".
The journaling in the circle reads, "These words were read by Pastor Paul at the funeral along with the poem written Grandma 'Ginia wrote. There was no way we were able to read these ourselves, but we wanted our sentiments known. Beth was able to make the spray for the casket with ribbons reading Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Friend, and Princess. She also made a heart wreath from all the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins."

The second page contains the words that Marc and I wrote to have read at the service. The pictures are of the flowers Beth (my sister) made for Abby. She was thinking enough to take pictures for me to have later for this album.

Here are our words~

Our Sweet Little Girl –
You were so full of spunk and energy that you bounced and ran everywhere you went. We’d get frustrated when you wouldn’t listen to us and tried to venture too far. You were our small and mighty little girl that had no fear. You approached life head on with your bull-headed attitude and always said “I do it myself”. Mema summed it up best when she said you were just full of life. We now know why. You had so much to see and do in your short time with us that you did not want to miss out on any of it.
You blessed Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy so much. You gave us almost 4 years of unforgettable memories. From sitting on the kitchen counter helping Mommy make cookies or krispies, to helping Daddy mow the yard until bathtime, to cranking up the CDs in Sissy’s room while you played Barbies together, to playing hide-and-seek with all of us – even though you were the worst hiding partner to have since you couldn’t keep still and would answer “I in here” when being searched for.
With your contagious smile, there was never anyone you wouldn’t call your friend. You managed to crack some of the toughest, thick-skinned men and would wiggle your way onto their laps and into their hearts. Everyone was, as you would say, “they my best friend”. From all the kids in your preschool class, to Daddy’s poker buddies, to the boys at Mommy’s work, everyone had a special place in your heart.
You had such a big heart and always knew when someone was in need of a hug. You would run up and wrap your little arms around them, squeeze them tight, and softly pat them on the back, saying “it okay”. You had compassion for everyone and passed out kisses to people we thought were total strangers.
You always wanted to help, whether we needed it or not. From Grandma Ginia, MeMa, PaPa, Aunt Becci, Beth, and Tammy, Uncle Bubba and Brian, Grandma-Great, Grandma Chris and Granny; we all felt the touch of your little helping hands. That’s how Mommy and Daddy knew that you had to help someone else one last time while you could. You gave a little boy a second chance with your liver and many others we don’t know about yet.
We thank you for being so brave and fighting so hard to stay with us. We thank you for every smile, every hug, every kiss, every “Love you”, and every second you blessed us with. Mommy, Daddy, Sissy and everyone else will always love you and carry your love in our hearts forever; never to be forgotten.
We love you so much Princess.

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