Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Garden Planting

I was able to help the preschoolers in planting more flowers in Abby's Garden on Monday morning. I must start by saying that I love that age. They are so full of questions and are so excited to be doing something new. Unfortunately some of the perennials did not survive the winter, so I will be replacing them soon, especially the butterfly bush. Here are a few pictures from our planting.

Mady was able to come help us plant and brought along her friend Abby.

Mrs Nielson (above) and Mrs White (below) help dig holes.

I also took several items to help with the outdoor classroom from the Foundation. We purchased new bird feeders, bird houses, butterfly feeders and nectar, ladybug lure, and many other fun things to help the kids learn about nature.

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  1. You just continue to show what good things the Foundation is providing for the community! Keep up the good work!