Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Unfortunately this is another day to bring tears. A day meant for relaxation and time spent with the family, turns into a day of missing my little girl in Heaven. I love my two girls that are here with me but I long to have my Abby back so that we can be a true family. Mother's Day should not have to be spent at a cemetery or in tears in Abrielle's room, but that's how I have to spend the day if I am to be with all of my girls. I feel for my friends that have sent their only child to Heaven and do not have one here with them to help ease the heartache. I can only imagine how much harder the day would be without any of my girls here. So, to all of you out there with a child in Heaven, Happy Mother's Day from a Mother who understands. I am sure our little ones have picked a bouquet of flowers in Heaven for us and maybe if we close our eyes we can see the beautiful gifts they have given us.


  1. My heart continues to ache for you. I pray that I will never fully understand your pain, but from one mother to another...I continue to think of you always and treasure all my moments with my daughter. Amber

  2. I miss my own mom so much it hurts. I thought of you yesterday and hoped my mom might be playing with all the little girls and boys in Heaven, since we can't have them here with us.