Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rolling Hills Fundraiser

We spent Saturday at Rolling Hills Outlet Center here in Maryville during their test drive fundraiser. Marc & Kelly manned the grill, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs for their patrons,
while 97.1 the 'Vill cranked out the tunes and tried to help draw people in. The kids were able to jump in the bouncy house and were given some balloons to play with. Test drivers were able to write their name on a little car a stick it in the window, showing their support.
Thanks to everyone that came out and drove a car and thanks to Rolling Hills for raising money for the Foundation! We'll update with a total when we receive the donation.

On a different note, I know some of you like to pop in here before you go to work, so I'm going to be bumping the posting time back to around 7:30. Hope that helps you catch up on the happenings of the Foundation a little easier.

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