Friday, May 29, 2009

Trapped in Time

Thought I would share another layout from my memory album. This one is titled Trapped in Time. For some of you, this will be your first glimpse into Abrielle's room. For others, this will be the first time seeing how Abby left things and your first chance to see her stuff in two years.



The first picture is of her Princess crown coat hook. On it she hung her Dora robe she had gotten for Christmas (she wanted a robe like Mommy and Sissy), one of her preschool artworks (I think it's from Valentine's), and her play jacket (the one she wore helping out in the yard the weekend before).

The second picture is one of her toy baskets. This is Annabelle (she would pronounce it Andabell) that she was so attached to. She was her favorite doll.

The third picture is of the painted letter "A" that hangs above her bed. Abby helped me pick out the colors for her A, told me what order to paint them in, and helped paint some. We did this project together two weeks before we lost her.

The journaling on the next page reads, "When we came home from the hospital that night, we closed the door to Abby's room, leaving everything as she left it - trapped in time."

The first picture is her Barbies in the jeep, ready to go for a spin. Below that is her princess dress hanging off her butterfly hook. She got this princess dress for Christmas and for some reason had to strip down every time to put it on. She would not put it on over the clothes she was wearing.

The top picture is her twin size bed. The bed was not made that morning, but what kid does make their bed. The sheets are actually brand new. I bought new sheets for the girls the week before and they we able to choose which one they wanted. This set is light pink with darker pink hearts, the other was just a solid pink. Of course both girls wanted this one, so we had to pick numbers and I said they could share the sheets, as in Abby have them one week, Mady the next time after they were washed. Obviously now the sheets will not be shared. On Abrielle's bed is her Nemo blanket that she drug around with Blankie. She had this with her at breakfast that morning. The quilt is her PS I Love You quilt that Mema Phyllis made her. There is also a pile of clean clothes on the bed. These were what were in the laundry at the time and I just couldn't put them away. We didn't empty her hamper ~ it still has the last clothes she wore in it.

The last picture is of her some things on her floor. It is a baby doll blanket, her build-a-bear cheerleader skirt, and one of her "cowgirl" boots. She had pulled these on the evening before with her capris to go help Marc outside.

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