Friday, May 22, 2009

Celebration of Childern is 22 day away!

Can you believe it?! The time for the Celebration is fast approaching! So are you ready for another glimpse at what is to come?

Country Critters is back! They are the petting zoo people that the kids just loved. Me, well, I was quite proud of myself for even looking at the snakes last year and the alligator was just cool. I did touch him several times. I must say though that I ran out of the tent when the big albino snake decided to stick his head up out of his container. Just not a snake person ~ the baby raccoons, the bunnies, and the other critters with fur are more my speed. On a sad note though, the owners had a fire at their home this winter and lost over 100 reptiles, birds, and small animals in cages. So, yes, they lost their two huge snakes the kids had their pictures taken with last year and their alligator. They have been working hard, building back up the scaley end of their petting zoo and do have a new alligator and new snakes to bring. The furry critters will be here too, including an alpaca, a mini donkey, exotic chickens, bunnies, and much more. So even if you're like me and snakes are not your thing, I do recommend touching the alligator and you can't go wrong petting the furries.

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