Monday, June 1, 2009

14 Days Until Celebration

With the Celebration in 14 days, I had better get to sharing some more of things we have planned. Performing on the stage at 1:00 is Rachel Sporleder. Do you remember the karaoke night at Carson's a year and a half ago? She was the young lady that just blew us away with her vocal abilities. Following her will be her brother Ben. He will be entertaining us with his musical talents too, but mainly instrumental and some vocal. So make sure you are there to hear these talented young kids! You will be impressed!

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  1. Dear Brenda and Family,

    I am touched by your story. I am a nurse at St. Francis Hospital and have had several occasions to use the care packages generously donated by your foundation to give to little ones hospitalized. I can see first hand how your little Abby lives on through the eyes of others. Thank you for this gift.

    My daughter, Olivia, will be performing several dances with MDA at your upcoming Abby's Hugs Celebration. I have shared with her some of what your foundation is about. Could you tell me more about the upcoming "Celebration". Do you have a time schedule yet for performances? I am excited to attend and look forward to meeting you.


    Tina Stiff