Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Abrielle

No Happy Birthdays will be sung at our house today, no cake to share, no balloons ~ except those being sent to Heaven. Our precious Abrielle should be 6 today. Hard to believe she would be that old ~ or to imagine her as anything over almost 4. I wonder what she would be like now. Would she still want to have long hair, even though she would never leave anything in it? What size would she be wearing now? What would she want for her birthday this year and what would she want on her cake? The questions could just go on, as my head is full of them. The fact is, six years ago today, our family was blessed with the addition of Abrielle Lauryn and we cherish every second God let us have with her.
So today I share with you a few pictures of the first moments we were able to spend with our blessing, Abrielle.


  1. Just letting you know that we were also thinking of Abby on this day. I can't believe all that hair:) Happy Birthday Abby! -The Daniels Family-

  2. What a beautiful little girl. I'll be thinking of all of you today.--Teresa McKee

  3. sending you warm hugs and saying a prayer for you today~!!! Darla