Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Memorial Garden

Just months after we lost Abrielle, we started on a memorial garden in our backyard to plant and display some of the wonderful things people gave us. We chose a heart shape for the raised bed and filled it with plants that will bloom at different times during the year. We have things that will attract butterflies and humming birds too. Of course, all the blooms are pink or purple. Some things didn't make it through last winter and those will be replaced this year.
See Nemo in there? That's what we water the garden with ~ it's Abby's sprinkler she got for her 3rd birthday.
It's hard to see it, but the bench has a fairy and a butterfly on it. And yes, there is a dandelion starting to grow up underneath it, but that's ok. Abby loved dandelions.

The stone with Abrielle's name on it stayed at the cemetery until we got the headstone. The stepping stone is one that Abby made in the summer of '06 with Mady and I.

Two of the stones we received have a home here.
Three of the angels watching over our garden.
Our pink angel birdbath.

The solar butterfly and dragonfly stake that light up and change colors at night.
A stake with the poem "You Will Be Remembered" on it.

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