Wednesday, June 3, 2009


With the recent thunderstorms, we have been having an extra little person in our bed. Miss Elly has been waking up and climbing into bed with us for comfort from the noise. These nights have reminded me so much of when Abby would climb into our bed after being awakened. Granted as Abby got older she would not yell for Mommy and would just climb in, but having that little one snuggling in between us at night brings back the memories. Abrielle always tried to be sneaky if it wasn't storming out, because I have a rule of no kids in our bed. She would sneak over to Marc's side and he would let her climb up, not disturbing me. For some reason I started to soften up and she and I had a little routine going for about the last eight months we had her here with us. Somehow she would hear Marc leave for work early (around 4 am) on Saturday mornings and would come crawl into bed with me. How I cherish those Saturday mornings with my little Abrielle snuggled up next to me, sleeping.
So, in our house, storms bring more than just rain and a little girl awakened by the thunder. Cherished memories and tears also accompany the thunder and lightning.

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