Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Celebration Success!

First and foremost, I need to say THANK YOU to everyone that attended and helped at the second annual Celebration of Children on Sunday! Without all of you, we couldn't not honor our little girl's memory in such a way.

The event was a success and the prayers for great weather were answered! I do apologize for Country Critters petting zoo not being there, but as they were loading the animals to prepare to attend the event, their daughter that was helping them had a stroke. Let's keep their family in our prayers and we will see them next year.
With so much happening at the Celebration, I am going to break my posts up and share different things with you during the week.
First up, all the fun things you could do with your wristbands ~
ferris wheel~

Obstacle Course~
Horse Rides~
Bounce House~


Mini Golf~ (Sorry no pictures)
The wristbands brought with them unlimited play on these rides and games. Some kids would get off and run to the back of the line to go again! What fun!

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