Monday, June 29, 2009

Organ Donation Survey

Donate Life surveyed 5100 adults online and here's what they found out ~

* 51 percent of Americans wish to donate all or some of their organs and tissue.

* 26 percent are undecided.

* 58 percent wrongly believe that a person can recover from brain death. (not saying miracles don't happen)

* 51 percent incorrectly believe that a doctor might not try as hard to save their lives if they know they wish to be an organ donor

* 44 percent mistakenly think there is a black market in the US to buy or sell organs for transplant

* 23 percent of the undecided do not think that their organs or tissue would be able to be used for transplant.

Every day, 18 people lose their battle due to a lack of organs.

Donate Life!!

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  1. Brian's body was full of melanoma. He wanted to donate his organs, and in his words, he felt his body was worthless. He had asked me to investigate him possibly donating to research, and upon contacting Midwest Transplant Network, found out that he was indeed at least eligible to donate his corneas to help someone see. He was shocked, and honestly elated to know that his cancer couldn't take all of him. This was possible because there is not a blood source to the corneas, making him a great cornea donor, despite the cancer that ravaged his body. I am very thankful that we did not assume he was ineligible. I have so far received word that someone in Kentucky has the gift of sight because of Brian's decisions. He made his wishes known to me, which made it very easy to follow through with hospice and the Midwest Transplant, as well as the Lion's Eye Bank.

    While Brian's donation was not live-saving, I am proud that his life-enhancing donation lives on.