Monday, June 8, 2009

Dollar Dance Donation

Friday night we attended the wedding of Laura Gallagher and Keath Coleman. Following the beautiful ceremony was a dinner and dance. Wedding dances are still a bit tough for us to attend since we have lots of memories of Abby dancing away. The songs are hard to hear, especially the songs for the father-daughter dances. And I always end up in tears when Marc dances with Mady, knowing that our Abrielle is missing. At the dance, Laura and Keath had a dollar dance. They announced that the money given was going to be donated to the Foundation. How generous was that! Where Marc and I were sitting, we did not hear the announcement, but were told about it later. Part of me is sad I missed hearing the DJ, because I would have given them such big hugs for doing this. Part of me was somewhat glad I found out about the generosity later because it saved me tears at the dance. Either way, what a wonderful gift for Laura and Keath to share with the Foundation! So, Laura and Keath, even though I didn't get to thank you that night, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! WE LOVE YOU!
~Abby called Laura "Aunt Laura" when she lived with her Aunt Becci and she loved going over there to visit them.~

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