Friday, March 20, 2009


Those of you that attended the sentencing hearing and civil suit last year know that we showed one of Mady's artwork and one of her writings to show the effect on her. I don't know if I showed anyone these or not, but thought I would share them today.
This first picture is of a poster Mady made for Earth Day last year. There is a paper attached with her writings of how she can help save the environment. It talks about the usual recycling and picking up litter, things like that. If you look at the poster you will see a scene of a park, complete with a slide, divided trash cans, and a tree with a squirrel. When you look at the other side, you see what brought Marc and I to tears. It is a green pickup shown in three different frames, rolling.

My poor Mady never lost consciousness that day. She saw everything and it is still etched in her mind. It came out on an innocent Earth Day poster a year later.
The second picture is of the writing we shared that day. We did not want to share any of her journals that day, so we opted for this paper that I found while emptying out her backpack on evening. Needless to say, it brought more tears.

The glare from the camera makes it a little hard to read, so here is what it says,

"I'm think about you. It's hard to get you of my mind. I can't live without you."

I share this with everyone today for different reasons. One is for myself in my healing process. I know I have stated how I have dealt with blaming myself all this time. I think if I specifically named all the different aspects, the list would be really long, but I also carry my daughter's pain with me. I hurt because she hurts. I take the blame for her suffering too.

Another reason I share this is for the simple message of "Please Don't Drink and Drive".

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