Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Little Gymnast

Another memory to share...
Both Mady and Abby were in Kip Kittens Gymnastics. At the end of their fall/winter session in 2006, they had a performance for the parents and received awards. Abrielle absolutely loved going to gymnastics. She had so much energy that this was just perfect for her. She had black leotards that she would wear and no matter what, her little panties would stick out the sides. I tried to get her to wear tights underneath or pants over the top, but nothing doing. So, I finally quit trying and just let her panties hang out. Doing Somersaults.

Playing on the rings.

On the bar.

On the balance beam.

On the rope swing.

Abrielle with her award. She was so proud!

We lost Abby in the middle of the spring session and Mady made the decision that she did not want to do gymnastics any more. It was something they had done together and I understood. I was actually kind of relieved because I really didn't think I could go watch Abby's classmates without her there.

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