Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Little Help???

Maybe some of you have heard me talk about it before, but since we lost our Abrielle, our eyes have been opened to some things we cannot explain. We find our "pennies from Heaven" in the strangest places, places they could not have been dropped. We have a small rocking chair in the living room that I keep hidden behind a recliner that seems to think its place is pulled up to the coffee table, waiting for a bowl of cereal and its shows to be turned on. I thought I was literally losing my mind when I realized what kept happening, but now, I welcome the moving chair. We find the letter "A" carved in rocks and shaped in the clouds. These are just a few of our experiences. Maybe our minds are trying to see things, trying find ways that our little girl is reaching us, I don't know. We see them none the less and here is one more example. Elly loves drawing on the Magna Doodle. She writes with the pen, scribbles, and then erases it to do it again. We right her name with her and draw pictures with her. When she uses the big magnet shapes that are in the slide out tray, she usually just covers the whole surface in black, erases, and does it again. She is content to scribble away on this toy alone and that is what happened last night. I did not even catch what was on the screen until the next morning. Here's what I found....
I think Elly might have had a little help drawing last night and it wasn't from Mady because we asked.

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