Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Back to Business

Let me start by saying I am ok. Thanks to all for checking on me. It was a very emotional day for our family...not enough time has passed and the wreckage was just too similar. There are pictures and a story in today's paper. I did not like them mentioning the money settlement. Not everyone knows how that works. At $1.00 a month to the Foundation, I am sure we will never see the full amount of money, but that was not the point. We just want him to have to write her name every month for the rest of his life as a reminder. I also really feel for the other driver. Accidents happen and it's not like either one of us intended for this to occur.

In donation news, the Foundation received $300 from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. They currently have a special promotion that anyone refinancing their home can choose a charity for the company to donate $300 to. Tom and Dana Parker chose us!



  1. How awesome !!!

  2. Thinking of you, and glad you are ok. The blog looks great.