Friday, August 15, 2008

Organ Donation

I was reading an article on msn discussing harvesting infant hearts too quickly and how death should be determined. I found myself wondering what there was to debate. These parents were given the choice to help other children and were not pressured into donation, I'm sure. Their children's hearts are beating in other kids' bodies, providing them life. The short time they were able to spend with their own child can somehow have a bright spot in that fact. What is there to debate. Organ donation was never a question for us and I would be heartbroken if our donation led to a debate about determining death and how long doctors have to wait. Doctors are not going to taken organs from a child that is still alive. No debate. Our eyes have been opened to many things that cannot be explained when it comes to death, things that scientists would try to explain away. Let's just say that I would be willing to argue with anyone that doesn't believe in God or Heaven.
Midwest Transplant Network and Children's Mercy Hospital both do a memorial quilt every year and below are the squares we submitted. The left is for the hospital and the right is for MWTN. On the left one, Steph embroidered one of Abby's "A"s she was so proud to be able to write (and wrote everywhere - just ask Mrs Nielson and Mrs Denberger). The transplant square will be included on quilt 8 and should be able to be viewed at but it is not posted online yet. The quilts travel around to events. The Childrens Mercy quilt will be unveiled at the memorial service later this year. After that it will begin its 10 year journey to different spots around the hospital.


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