Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Word is Getting Out

The most wonderful story was told to me today and it brought tears to my eyes. The ANF shirt was being worn on vacation in Texas when other vacationers saw it and asked the story. One woman there was from New Jersey and knew about the Foundation. She had been on our website! How amazing is technology that our small, local effort is being looked at that far away. I gives me goosebumps to think that Abby is touching people that far away and we don't even know them.
I was also brought the most beautiful pink butterfly necklace that looks so much like our logo (and tattoos). It was so thoughtful and brought a much needed smile to my face. Last night we got to EFE as early as we thought would be ok to meet Mady's teacher and drop off her supplies. Marc had a officials' meeting and what a good cover for me. I love seeing everyone but sometimes my emotions get the best of me and I prefer that to happen in private. I think it's because kindergarten is such a big event in a child's life that I am missing my Abby more right now. There is one little girl from Abby's preschool that says "Abby's Mom" and runs up to me and gives me a big hug every time she sees me. I absolutely love it (even though I do tear up). I just wanted to avoid as much of the crowd as I could and we were pretty successful at that.
At home I got a glimpse of our little mischief maker thru Elly. I started the bathtub and went into her room to get her pjs. I thought it was a little strange I didn't have a helper and when I got back into the bathroom I discovered why. Elly had climbed into the tub with all her clothes on and was playing with a cup under the faucet. I just had to laugh and get the camera. I have a picture of Abby at right around the same age in the bathtub with her clothes on too.

*Thanks Pat*


  1. Special angels have a special way of touching peoples lives...

  2. Special angels have a special way of touching peoples lives...