Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day Back to School

Well it's here, the day I have been dreading for several weeks now, the first day of school this year. I held my emotions in check most of the morning at home, which I was quite proud of, until it was picture time. Those are hard. I did feel like Mady might finally be turning a corner herself because she wanted me to pull her hair up into a little pony this morning. We have not done that since first grade. That used to be a part of our morning ritual, getting the girls' hair fixed, and something that Mady no longer wanted to do after we lost Abby. In fact it is usually a battle to even get her to brush it which has been such a switch from the girly-girl we had before the accident. Marc took Mady to school today which helped, Elly is not old enough yet to know that Mommy's crying so the drive in was kind of like my time to get things out before getting to work.

As promised, here are some pictures of Abrielle's first day of preschool and Madyson's first day of first grade.


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  1. wish I was there for you today sis. Just think of how excited Abby would of been to be a big girl going to kindergarten following in Madyson's footsteps. But smile at how many kindergartener's she made an impact on and how many smiles she has broughten to children's faces through the foundation. Think of how many people know Abby now. I know none of these smiles bring her back but it fills that gap knowing that she is living on through others and she did make a difference in just being her 3 short years.