Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturdays are the Worst

As a whole, Saturdays are the worst for me. It's the morning that Marc goes into work early and Abby would always climb into bed with me. I think the bad news of the week finally caught up with me. I had handled it well at the time, but think I kept stewing over the fact that there is a possibility that Sundermann could get out already. Needless to say, it's days like these that I have to fight the depression that tries to take over, leaving me a worthless mess. If I manage to stay busy, it helps, but sometimes that just doesn't work. Saturdays the girls and I would always bake something ... cookies, brownies, whatever they wanted. I have still been struggling to start baking again. I loved to cook, loved to bake, but now, cookies and brownies come from a box and I love the Schwan's Man! I'm not sure the last time I made a home cooked supper. Hopefully I will be able to function the way a Mom should soon and be back to baking. Grief does not pass overnight. It does not pass after the 1 year mark. In fact, I don't know that it will ever pass. The love and support we receive gets us through and we thank everyone for being there for us when we need it. With all this support, it came as shock to us to receive an anonymous letter in the mail to the contrary. It was full of obscenities, lies, hatred and stated how they hate reading about our efforts in the newspaper all the time. The letter made me angry and also brought tears. I started thinking, how many other people feel this way? Are there people that don't like what we are doing? Are there people that have enough hatred towards us to send us this type of letter even after all we have been through? We in no way want to offend anyone with our efforts. We just have to make bring some good from this and don't want anyone to forget our little girl. We are just getting started with our plans for the Foundation and hope we have the public's support (minus a few if that's how it needs to be) as we continue our efforts. We hope that maybe at some point the person who wrote the letter is touched be the Foundation in some way.

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