Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blankie Lost

I guess maybe I should start this post with a confession...I am 32 years old and I sleep with a blankie. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. Now let me tell you about this blankie. It's not just any run of the mill blanket, it was Abby's Blankie that she had slept with since the day she was born. Blankie was very special to her to say the least. She would try to take him with her every where she could, but mean Mommy usually made Blankie stay home. Blankie helped calm her fears, gave her comfort, and was one of her friends. Basically he was almost another appendage when she was at home. She would always put him on the couch and give him a kiss before she would leave for school, telling him she would see him later. It was always so cute. After the accident, Aunt Becci went out to our house to get Blankie to take him with us to CMH. We knew she had to have him. In fact Marc had even commented to the nurses there before we arrived that she needed her Blankie. Obviously, something this important to her had to go with her to Heaven, but we couldn't bear to part with it either. Thank goodness for my Aunt Ruth and Aunt Jean! They split Blankie in half so that we could each have part of him. Blankie never left my side for about 2 weeks. Then I had to come back to work and I too was forced to kiss Blankie goodbye in the mornings. I have slept with Blankie every night since we lost Abby and last night I could not find him. I was in a panic. I always lay him on my pillow. Where could he be? Marc had brought Elly in to bed with him to put her to sleep and then moved her to her bed later. She had gotten ahold of him along with her Pink and it was in bed with her. I thought this might have happened, but knew I couldn't go wake Elly up by looking. I couldn't hardly sleep. I tossed and turned and finally gave up and went downstairs to watch tv until after 2 am. All because of a silly blanket! I remember spending many nights hunting for Blankie (and Two Night Night - Mady's), thinking this is silly, you can just sleep without it. I guess now I understand a little better. I felt so much better after I found Blankie in Elly's crib this morning!

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