Thursday, September 11, 2008

ID Please

I was reading in the Northwest Missourian paper this morning that former Middlebury University President John McCardell has started a petition to get elected officials to rethink and even lower the current drinking age. This petition already has over 130 signatures from influential people. Let me stop for a second and say this, what are these well educated people thinking! Their argument is that lowering the age would curb excessive drinking habits by enabling the campuses to talk to the students about responsible drinking instead of who can and can't drink. Ok, shouldn't campuses be preaching responsible drinking anyway! I don't know why you would just be addressing underage drinking and not be preaching not to binge, drive, etc. Obviously everyone should now where I stand on drinking and driving! That is a NO GO! Pure stupidity! So, if anyone should see any lawmakers going for this proposal, get me their address and I'll show them what alcohol cost our family.


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