Friday, September 19, 2008

A Special Gift

We received donations from the Steiner's today in remembrance of their little girl. We feel the best way to honor these is with stuffed animals and a special memorial card, so we plan on purchasing something special with the money, maybe angel bears. Their little girl's memory will be able to live on in the arms of other children, one hug at a time (just like our Abby).

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  1. Brenda-
    I love your blog, it is like my little daily dose of sanity. I love to read what you write about Abby everyday, and really enjoyed your post yesterday. I cant wait until i am able to hear my little Elli in the wind. I was outside with the dogs and just stared up to the sky crying, wondering when Elli would talk to me. It wasnt today, but I will continue to try to listen for her everyday. Even if i dont hear anything, it will be a special way to think of my little angel each and every day. Anyways...keep posting because I am reading it and it is helping me more than you know.

    love ya
    angel elli's mommy