Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abby's Garden Project

This morning we met with Brian Lynn to discuss work on EFE's outdoor classroom. EFE received a grant from the MO Conservation Department for an outdoor shade structure and native plants. The plans are to cover the existing benches with a pergola type structure that will have an enclosed back and a planter box on the back. Hopefully this will help keep the sun off the kids when they are out learning in the classroom. The next step will be working with the science departments in each grade level to establish planting beds for each grade. This should be a fun project that will get the kids involved in what gets planted. After that there are plans for a trail and a butterfly garden.

These are pictures from the spring planting this year. The preschool class (plus Mady and her friend Becky Meyers) worked in the garden that was established as a memorial the previous year. New flowers and plants were added and the garden looked great. Obviously the preschool class already has their planting bed that they are maintaining and the kids love playing in the dirt. The boys were excited to find "fishing worms", bugs and grubs.

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