Monday, September 8, 2008


There is a new angel in Heaven today. Brian & Cassi Reed's baby girl Elliott Arcile Reed lost her battle with CDH this morning. My heart is filled with sadness for them knowing the long journey they have ahead, fighting the battle of grief. I know my little girl is taking a turn holding that sweet baby since she wanted so badly to be a big sister. I am sure little Elliott is being watched over by my "Little Mommy" until her Mom & Dad get to see her again. Abby danced and danced with Brian at their wedding reception and then again at Hornbuckle's, so I'm sure she will be teaching Elliott her dance moves.

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  1. What a thought our two little ones dancing and running. I find comfort in this thought not only having older family to hold her she will have friends as well. Thank you for your posts and your thoughts.
    Brian, Cassi, and Angel Elli