Monday, August 4, 2008


Today I had planned on a different message than what I am posting, but life has a way of changing our plans. This morning I was on my way to the post office for work (no girls with me thankfully) when another vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign. The impact was on the front passenger side and down the side into Elly's door. The airbags deployed and I am sure my vehicle is totalled. I keep saying I need to lose some weight, but somehow I was skinny enough to squeeze out my door with it only open a crack with the help of two ladies. The wreckage of my white expedetion reminded me so much of the wreck 16 months ago. I was a basket case at the scene but have no major physical injuries to speak of. I am on crutches due to trama to my right leg but they said it is not broken. We were told the other driver will be okay also and I truly hope that is the case. I just had no plans on ever reliving the nightmare as vividly as I did today. I know my Abby was watching over me and keeping her Mommy safe. I don't care about my vehicle, they are not important. It will just be an inconvience for a while. I am concerned about Madyson. I am not sure how she will react to all of this again. I know how I felt and am so afraid her nightmares will be back in full force. She still freaks out if she cannot sit in the middle of the seat and will not sit next to a door.
No more white expeditions for us :)

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  1. So happy you were ok! Hopefully no more accidents in your lifetime.. I think you've had enough for one person. Love ya