Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mady asks questions

On the way home from dance last night, Mady started asking questions.
Mommy, I can't remember when Abby was born.
June 9th.
No, that's not what I mean. I mean, I remember when Elly was born because I was at the hospital, but I don't remember Abby being born. Was I there?
Yes, you were there, but you were just three so you probably weren't old enough to remember.
Oh. I just remember Abby always being there, but I just couldn't remember her being born.
We went on to talk about all 3 of the girls' births and how they were each different. What a thought, she just remembers always having her little sister and can't remember when she got her or life before her. I know as a Mom, I feel that way a lot of times too...just can't remember what life was like before having the girls. They completed our family.

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  1. Brenda, it's just like a GOOD mother to be able to explain things in a way your children can understand. God bless you and may He hold you in the palm of His hand, always guiding you and your family in the path He would have you to go. As a granny now, I wonder what my life was like before our Landry came along. God has it all worked out for us.

    Love you, Aunt Laura