Friday, August 29, 2008

Justice where are you?

I have been asked several times where Ryan Sundermann is in prison at. To be honest, I really don't care. I feel that I did my part and put him where he needed to be and that was all that mattered for now. I have tried to erase as much of him as possible from my life and that includes caring where he is. I am not an insensitive person but I am not in a place where I can even try to forgive him for taking my Abby and until then I just cannot even pretend to care about him and what he has to face each day in prison. It cannot begin to compare to the prison of grief we battle. To end the questions though, I made a phone call to find out where he is. He is still in St. Joseph's evaluation center, but set to be transferred any day to Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron. This is the medium security prison there, not the maximum. As we were talking, our officer discovered that Sundermann is set for his first potential parole hearing in December 2008. Yes, let me say that again...DECEMBER 2008. My heart just sank. It was literally all I could do to keep from breaking down and losing it right there on the phone with her. She told me not to panic that sometimes this is just a formality, a way for the parole board to evaluate the offender, etc, and that very seldom are they granted parole the first time. Now I did say potential, so there are some other things that could happen. Sundermann can waive this first hearing (I doubt this happens) or it could be cancelled all together (we're not holding our breath for this one either). So, in four months, we will have to travel to Cameron to a state prison to face Sundermann and a board, relive the nightmare all over again, and pray that justice be carried out. There are different options for the parole board to decide also. He could be denied and the next hearing date set two years out to December 2010 (what we're hoping for), he could be granted parole (NO!!!), or he could be scheduled a release date for sometime before the next hearing date (ex. March 2010, we don't want this one either!). I knew that 6 years did not really mean 6 years in prison, but I seriously thought we had 2 years before we had to deal with it, not six months from sentencing. What would he learn from that! Six months in a state prison for taking a life! Come on, that is in NO WAY justice! That is just another slap on the wrist. The sentence would not be any longer than the 180 days he served for violating probation. Please, I ask everyone to begin your prayers now and once I receive a hearing date I may be asking for letters from any and all that would write them to help us receive our justice.

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  1. You bet! As a young mother of small children, I have plenty that I would be willing to put into a letter. Don't be afraid to ask! Congratulations on the $1000...that's wonderful. Try to have a good day!

    See you tonight at 7pm!

    Amber Thompson