Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Box of Hugs

We received a whole box full of teddy bears, bunnies, and frogs from Tom Parker. His sister is a nurse in North Carolina and gave him (and us) the website where their hospital gift shop purchases some of their animals. The animals are at such a reasonable price and they are super soft. This was great information to get since sometimes we have to pay full retail for them if we can't find them on sale/clearance. Abby holds a special place in Tom's heart that some might not understand. The tire shop is right next to the daycare where Abby went. Any time she would see him outside she would have to yell at him to come visit. After she started preschool and would come with me to work, she had to call him on the phone to chat with him. It was pretty cute and he would take the time to talk to her even if he was busy. Here's a picture of the critters.

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