Thursday, November 13, 2008

See Anything Wrong Here?

You guys probably get tired of me pointing out our messed up legal system, but it just angers me beyond belief sometimes the differences in sentences for crimes. Case in point is the court info from yesterday's Daily Forum. Ok, now that you've read it, do you see what I mean! Let's compare. You get 7 years for beating someone to death, 1 more year than our case. You get a total of 17 years for child molestation, 11 years more than what our Abby's life was worth. You get 10 years for distribution of drugs, 4 years more than what Ryan Sundermann will have to spend in prison. Am I the only one that sees something wrong here? How can the justice system call this fair justice? I guess I need someone to show me the reasoning behind these punishments.

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