Thursday, November 6, 2008

Plush Cuties

My toy rep for the store (yes, for those of you who don't know, Coop sells toys) sent us a HUGE box full of plush that she had for demonstration models. They are so adorable and every one is super soft. I could just snuggle these all day myself. The t-rex has eyes that light up and he roars, the elephant flattens out to be a pillow, the duck quacks a tune and the bat plays a spooky song. These are just a few of the toys we were sent. There were also plush pony purses and soft baby dolls and loads more cuties. A big THANK YOU to Lillian for sending us these. The kids will absolutely love them (I know I do).


  1. Brenda-
    would you be interested in some "SugarBears" to be donated in Elli's name for any babies that have to be transfered to Childrens Mercy from SFH or Fairfax, didnt know if you wanted to make a branch of Abby's hugs for tiny babies. Let me know, I know how much Elli seemed to be comforted by her Sugarbear. There are several pictures of what a Sugarbear is on our webpage. So glad to hear about the donation law in missouri, I am dealing with a similar situation at work right now, patient is a donor on his license, family doenst want him to having a law in place would be so nice to not have to deal with anything else on top of losing a loved one.

    I know you have talked about flashbacks before, had my first real one today and started bawling in a patients room when the doctor started talking about "brain dead" and "withdrawling care" I hope this isn't too much too soon working in the ICU. Sorry this is random and I just wanted to vent.

    Not looking forward to christmas either-damn Walmart, makes me hate it even more!

    Love You Guys

  2. Brenda,
    I want you to know how much I admire you. I appreciate all you are doing and especially for organ donation. I can't imagine how hard that was to do but I do know how much life you gave so many other children. I see them daily, besides Kyle, here waiting for the gift of life. I hope to meet you someday and want you to know working at the hospital I have seen how many smiles the animals and gift bags you have donated, have put on little children's faces. You and your family are an inspirations and you are changing the world.