Monday, November 3, 2008

Haircut Success!

Sunday was a HUGE success! There were 5 stylists that volunteered their time and did 57 cuts in the 2 hour time period. They raised over $530 for the Foundation! There were people lined up from the time we got there until the end. The stylists were worn out by the time it over. Three people also donated to Locks of Love. Randi Nielson, Hadley Mundorff, and Ina Weese each gave over 7 inches of hair. Talk about a makeover.

Elly also got her first haircut. She was not too sure what was going on. Mema held her while Grandma caught the hair. We tried to help out by sweeping the floors so the stylists would not have to. Sometimes we weren't too sure if we were helping or in the way since they were moving people through so fast.Kelly and Virginia cleaning up.Shannon and Mady sweeping.

Here are is everyone that volunteered to make this happen for us. Be sure to thank these guys when you see them.

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  1. Wish we could have been there, sounds like it was a huge success! Brian really needs a haircut, but unfortunatley he had to harvest. We think of all of you often! Miss you and Maryville!