Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Statement Complete

I have spent several hours pouring over my statement to read to the parole board in a matter of days, not weeks anymore, days. I have just been unsure of what to say. I had been trying to not let the anger to show through because I really don't know that that would help and I don't want to stand up there and rant about the messed up legal system even though that's how I feel. Instead I tried to just make it a continuation of my first letter that I read. I tried to show the board how our lives are without our Abrielle. I don't know if this is what I should have written about or not, but I am hoping they have kids and can feel my pain. I am hoping my grief will convey what Ryan Sundermann has done to us. I will share it with everyone after our hearing. I was hoping that having this done would lift a weight from me because I was really starting to feel the pressure, but it hasn't seemed to yet. Instead I just keep getting sick to my stomach. I think everything all at once here is just more than what my body knows how to deal with. The holidays are bad enough without the parole hearing jammed in the middle of it. Plus we are dealing with our other legal battle too. For those that don't know, Sundermann's insurance filed a lawsuit against us a week after the accident stating that they didn't have coverage and don't have to pay any of the bills. What a wonderful world we live in, huh. Slap a grieving family with a lawsuit for no reason. Nice.

I have also changed my mind as to what kind of picture I want in Ryan Sundermann's cell. Virginia used to teach in the prison system and clued me in on how some of the prisoners are. I really had not given any thought to the fact that there are pedophiles in there and that they might enjoy seeing my little girl's picture. I don't think this should get him out of having a constant reminder, so I think I am going to ask for a picture of her headstone instead. I'm not positive on this yet.

So now I am down to begging everyone out there.... please get us your letters soon. So far my public plea has only gotten 7 letters. I was so hoping for a lot more than that. Community attitude is one of the factors in the consideration of parole, so they need to hear from the community. It does not have to be anything long or eloquent, just something that voices your opinion that Ryan Sundermann should not be released. Please!

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