Friday, December 19, 2008

Abby's Preschool Concert

This is the season for Christmas concerts, so thought I would share pictures of Abby's Preschool Christmas concert. I remember she practiced and practiced those songs. I think I could still sing several...CHRISTMAS (they spell it out), Where is Santa .... and can still hear her singing them in my head. Not sure how much singing she actually did at the concert though. She was too busy waving at everyone she knew.

Kinda hard to see her, but she's right behind the little one in the Santa outfit waving at the camera. Here she is in her dress for the concert. She actually left the bow in her hair the whole time. Marc had a basketball game and couldn't make it to the concert. This might sound kind of wrong, but I am glad that he couldn't be there because I bought a new movie camera to record it for him. Our other one no longer worked so we didn't have movies of Abby for about a year in between time. I am so glad I got to record her singing and was able to record Christmas events and such after this night. If Marc had been able to be there, I'm sure we would have made due without the movie camera. I have watched them several times.

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