Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Pictures

I was able to pick up the pictures we had taken of the girls for Christmas yesterday and wanted to share a few. Pictures are still really tough to have taken. We have not been able to bring ourselves to have an actual family picture taken with all of us since we lost Abby. We have only been taking ones of the girls, which is hard enough. I always shed at least one tear. I always make sure to include something of Abby's in the picture, but always have to end up explaining what it is and why to the photographer. The first pictures together we had all three of their special blankets in the picture. Last Christmas I had Abby's hat and gloves. This year Mady helped me pick something out because I was struggling as I stood in her room and looked around. I still don't like to disturb anything so it's tough for me to actually take something out of the place where Abby left it, much less out of her room completely. She chose Ripley. Ripley was Abby's first teddy bear that Aunt Beth got for her when she was born.

Also, check out Kyle's Heart Story blog on the right...he got his new heart! We are so happy for him and his family. Please keep them in you prayers for a speedy recovery. Also keep the donor family in your prayers as they deal with the loss of their loved one.

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  1. Pictures are beautiful. And I think that having something of Abby's in every picture is just so special. I thought of your precious Abby when I heard of Kyle getting his heart, and smiled, knowing that Abby, in the midst of so much pain, brought another family joy. What an amazing gift! I hope it brings you some comfort to know that her little life blesses someone each day. We are going to attempt to decorate our tree and the Daddy tree, and also figure out what the heck to do with a tree for the cemetery. I think life can just be so unfair, I guess we both know. I got my kids' pictures taken about 2 weeks ago, and the smiles on their faces bring me relief in knowing there is happiness among our grief. I thought the same with you, seeing Mady and little Elly. May your lives be blessed with peace.