Monday, December 8, 2008

The Trees Went Up

Sunday we did some MAJOR house cleaning. Everything was really starting to get to me and it was like I had to get my house in shape or else. I'm sure those of you that have been to my house in the last year are saying, "Yeah, about time" because it really needed done. I had just been letting stuff accumulate since I was struggling with just getting the daily stuff done. There were lots of things that I just didn't want to deal with and would just ignore. We had piles of bills that I just kept letting grow on the counter top bar. There were things that I wanted to make sure I saved of Abby's but just didn't know where I wanted to put them. We got most everything cleaned up. As a reward for all the work that Mady did, we agreed to get out the Christmas trees. It went better than what I thought it would. I think the distraction of actually getting everything ready kept me from crying as we put up the ornaments. I fought back the tears as I had to pull out special ornaments for Abby's tree (which I haven't bought yet), but otherwise did really good. I saved the tears until I was by myself and had a hard time sleeping last night, but it looks like Christmas at our house for the girls. I am hoping to find a tree for our Abby tree in the house this weekend and I'm sure it will be the toughest one to do. Here are a few pictures.

Elly was not too sure what we were doing but just kept saying "pretty pretty."The girls with the finished upstairs tree.The girls with the finished downstairs tree.My Granny tree. We actually put this one up last weekend to test the waters since I knew it would be the easiest one for me to do. Before my Grandma had her stroke, Beth and I asked her to make us some snowflakes and icicles. She didn't get all of them done we wanted, but we are so glad to have some from her.

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