Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2006, Part 3

This is the last Christmas we had with our little girl. Here are some photos of Christmas morning at our house. And before anyone says anything, I'm just going to admit it, yes, my girls are spoiled. Christmas is a BIG deal at our house and it has always been my favorite holiday. I have always loved the baking and decorating, the lights and sounds, the family gatherings, the excitement of the kids, but just don't now. I hope one day this will be my favorite holiday again. Santa got a little sneaky this year. We had finished the basement (most of it) and he put presents under the tree downstairs too. The girls opened all the gifts upstairs and noticed there were some things they asked for that they didn't get. We started off saying that Santa only has so much room in his sleigh and that he must not have been able to bring everything they asked for. They looked a couple of gifts that just seemed odd, like Abby got cartridges of music for her microphone, but no microphone, and they thought of the tree downstairs. They hustled down there and found more presents.Here's Abrielle in her pink princess dress she asked for. Notice JackJack got to come in for Christmas too. He's at her feet. The girls got a Little Mermaid salon. Here's Abby in her new robe trying out the dryer.
Merry Christmas Abbers!

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