Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top News Story

I would rather something to do with the Foundation make the top news story of the year, but none the less, we made the papers with Sundermann's sentencing. I don't think our lives are newsworthy by any means, but it shows the amount of public support and outcry at the accident that took our little girl. Here are the links to the top news stories in the Maryville Daily Forum and the Nodaway News Leader.

Also, those of you who can, make sure you tune in to the Rose Parade tomorrow and watch for the Donate Life Float. The parade will be broadcast on ABC, NBC, HGTV, Travel Channel, RFD-TV, and a couple others that I haven't heard of. We will be thinking or our little girl as we watch tomorrow as she is honored with a rose.


  1. We'll be watching the parade and looking for the Donate life Float and thinking about our little Abby.

    Love, Aunt Laura

  2. The parade float was beautiful...what a special way for the whole world to see Abby and how such a small child can change everybodies lives forever! Amber